A Challenge to Build a New Planet


Elisa has a secret pleasure of playing around with writing styles. One day early in the morning, she decides to try writing in an old-fashioned style. She writes [ Synopsis ] in her notebook and constructs the following sentence in not much time.

[ Synopsis ].
All global and social challenges, including climate change, are multifaceted. We have to be collaborative. Thus, we are forced to move toward a new meaning of cooperative society.

Further elaboration can create some dignity, but it will lose its lightness. Italo Calvino has said that lightness is a characteristic of modern writing.

エリーザは、文体をいじって遊ぶという、密かな楽しみをもっている。ある日の早朝、古めかしい文体で書いてみようと思い立つ。ノートに[ Synopsis ]と書き、さして時間をかけずに次のような文章を構築する。

[ Synopsis ]

さらに手を加えることで、若干の威厳のようなものを醸し出すことができるが、軽やかさは失われてしまう。軽やかさは現代文の特徴であるとItalo Calvino も述べている云々と、行を変えて綴る。

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